Realign your success!

We are always surprised when we talk to someone and find out they haven’t seen a chiropractor before. It’s fascinating to us that even in this day of overwhelming amounts of information available many people have not yet given chiropractic treatments a chance. Yes, we understand that many people are perhaps afraid of going to […]

Stop Wasting Your Money on Facebook Ads!

If you are running Facebook ads in today’s atmosphere, you need to be very careful. It’s easy to throw money away on the platform by merely running ads or a “Boost” to a post. You may be enticed to run an ad especially when Facebook notifies you that a recent post you put up is being boosted […]

Sales Funnel 101

What is a Sales Funnel? Many people define it differently, and it’s interesting that there are various concepts of a Sales Funnel. Traditionally, a Sales Funnel is a process that takes a person in the “Awareness” stage and moves them into the taking “Action” stage. This process is generally not a two-step approach and sometimes requires […]

You Need Facebook Pixel Now!

IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE IN THE NEW DIGITAL AGE, YOU NEED TO HAVE FACEBOOK PIXEL ENABLED ON YOUR WEBSITE. Many people use Facebook and its no secret they do this at multiple times throughout the day. Just logging into a smartphone’s browser with Facebook once means that it knows your identity from here on […]

Why you need online Marketing Now!

Many years we ago, we used to use billboards, paper advertisements and other forms of physical communication to get the message across and market our products. The radio airwaves or the television stations were also available to get the messages across. Generally, the latter was for high ticket or high profile companies, products, and services. Somewhat […]