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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to get the word out about great chiropractors and their practices because we want the world to benefit from chiropractic services.

We believe strongly that most professionals and people overall need chiropractic treatment because they contribute so much to society. Unfortunately, not many people understand the true benefits of chiropractic treatment, yet that is.

How We’re Accomplishing It

This course is designed to help get more patients for Chiropractors and related Wellness experts without spending a ton of time and money.

Our proven techniques and lessons guide you through a series of easy-to-watch videos where we break down each process towards getting more new patients quickly.

We’ve packed the course with tons of value and bonuses to make it worth every chiropractor’s while, even if they have a marketing team or process in place today.

First, we start by looking at real practices from the top, inside, and outside (from the new, and existing patient point of view), and then we help guide you through developing it’s systems and processes better.

The lessons include modern marketing and social media as well as integrating a team (if needed and staffed for it).

Of course, this course does involve some work and attention on behalf of the student to accurately deliver growth. Rest assured, though, that our method and path is easy to follow and track along with!

The entire content is backed by a fully-staffed support team, so if you ever get stuck at all, you can count on us to be available and jump in to help.

The Ultimate Chiropractic Marketing Course was developed by ChiroMarketingTeam (a division of Bizkey Hub, a Beverly Hills, California, Digital Media and Growth Hacking Agency).

In the course we go over the following topics:

  • Evaluate, Audit and Assess the Practice from an External Viewpoint
  • Verification and Assessment of the Practice from an Internal Viewpoint
  • Establishing a healthy, growth mindset & manifesting the best outcome
  • Bringing the teamwork and team training piece into the equation
  • Bringing in the resources (if needed) to better scale and grow
  • Chiro Marketing 101 – Properly Engaging, Finding, and Driving traffic (using Social Media and many other methods)
  • Planning Marketing Events
  • Execution
  • Monitoring and tracking growth
  • Adjusting and optimizing systems as needed for better scalability and growth

This includes:

  • Marketing to new patients and using social media and other avenues to drive traffic
  • New Patient Intake Process
  • Scheduling systems
  • ROF packets
  • Treatment Plans
  • Helping to prevent no-shows and setting expectations
  • NP and PVA calculations and projections
  • Existing patients
  • Marketing to new patients and driving traffic
  • Team involvement (as equipped/staffed)

We can do so with the following options:

– DIY – Do It Yourself – Of course, that’s why we designed our course and packaging this way, this allows you to pick back up where you left off and implement it in your own style and practice, your way.

– D4Y – Done for you – The entire system is turnkey and done for you on a monthly membership fee basis.

– Hybrid – You can start implementing the course and learning systems right away, and then all you need to do is purchase small chunks of time, based on your needs.

For our consulting help, you can begin in one-hour increments and then go up from there!

To learn more about our company Bizkey Hub, please click here.

Bizkey Hub’s History

Our roots are deep and come from within Silicon Valley, and our leadership team has designed our entire process to be efficient and only focus on one thing: your business growth. It’s simple for us. If you aren’t growing, neither are we. Our survival depends on your growth. Therefore, we focus around-the-clock to make sure your business growth happens!

We work in various industries. We have specialists who have a background and focus on each respective industry so our clients can rest assured knowing that our work and messages are specific to their audience, industry, and target market.

Our Philosophy

We want the world to benefit from chiropractic services and we believe that most professionals and productive people need chiropractic services. Unfortunately though, not many people understand the benefits and our system is designed to teach chiropractors and wellness experts how to better market themselves.

Your Benefits

We have an entire division, team and online mastermind devoted to better marketing the Chiropractic community. This includes our course material, a wonderful support community exclusive to course students (for life) as well as updated how-to and DIY, Over-the-Shoulder videos.

Key Of Success

We started it because our entire team needs and mostly benefit at the hands of great chiropractors and we have come to depend on them to be successful (literally). We realize how vital they are and our team’s mission is to see to it that the world benefits from the work of successful chiropractors!

Special Online Campus Tour

We consider our web platform an online campus of sorts. As such, we have designed a tour for prospective graduates and professional students. Here you will get to see how our campus feels, students and instructor interacts and life in like in this online educational experience.


We want you to feel comfortable with the content and amount of detail and value we have packed into each course unit, and you will see that each course unit has a quiz to help you test and retain your knowledge. In addition, we have a final test at the very end as well as a certificate to all students who pass.

Powerful Alumni

Our alumni is like one big powerful family. We have set up an exclusive Facebook Group for current and former students to interact and work together to help each other solve growth challenges and ensure continuous success. The more we support each other in our community, the more traction we will make in getting chiropractic benefits known by more people.