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One of the most efficent, and modern, online classroom websites with an aim to grow over 40,000 chiropractic students in the United States of America and over 80,000 studying across 180 countries using our platform.

ChiroMarketingTeam was established by Bizkey Hub (a Growth Hacking agency based in Beverly Hills, California) in 2018 for the aim to grow great chiropratic practices globally. Throughout our great history, Bizkey Hub has offered it’s chiropractic customers and others direct access to a wide range of innovative digital marketing solutions. 

Online Course

Online course cirriculum to guide you through every stage of chiropractic business life. From new patient intake to long-term treatment and monitoring, and maintaining growth.

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Quizzes to test your knowledge and help make sure you retain the information provided within the course.

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Certification Backed By a Real Full-Scale Agency

Be proud of your achievements and get certified in the knowledge you obtain from within our course platform!

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If you ever get stuck beyond this material, our organization backs you and is ready to jump in any time since you are a member for life.

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Take a tour of our online world and you will find the best course for Chiropractic marketing available!

Teamwork Growth
Marketing 101

Why Choose Chiro Marketing Team?

Chiro Marketing Team (CMT) is excited to announce the arrival of Chiro Connect. This is a new Facebook community building platform for CMT’s alumni.

It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with, all CMT’s alumni. All alumni are automatically able to enroll!

Teamwork Growth

If you work in a team or run a team, this unit series is definitely going to be a valuable resource for you. We cover how to get and keep staff motivated and involved in the plans and execution of getting more patients into your practice.


Mental framework and having a growth mindset is a big part of our course cirriculum and actually a big focus for our content. We want to ensure each student is able to push forward with the best possible momentum. 

Marketing 101

CMT’s Marketing 101 series is designed to guide you through the process of properly showcasing your chiro services, properly pricing, and up-selling to more profitable treatment services.

Watch the video lectures as we guide you along and then test your knowledge with a quiz. Nothing is as comprehensive in helping chiropractors better market their services and practices.

Test Your Knowledge

Our online course is designed to help you retain as much information as possible to help ensure your success!

Join our Community!

Chiro Connect is our private Facebook book group for members only to connect and help each other in guidance and success.

Certification in Chiro Marketing

Get certified by a real digital marketing agency who has been pioneering products for Facebook, Instagram and Amazon to name a few.
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